Life in the Time of Covid

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Wow. no one saw this coming as we planned for a new year, new goals, new attitude back on January 1st.What started as a distant worry across the globe quickly caught up to us here in the Western world. In a matter of days, we went from planning our Wasaga Summer 2020 full of beach vibes and music, to figuring out how to get (potentially life saving) soap to our customers across Canada. Even though our shop has been deemed an essential service, we found it too difficult to make sure everyone (including us) would be kept safe at all times in the close quarters of the cozy cabin. So we closed up shop to walk-in traffic, and began bringing our sudsy stock to your front door or mailbox.

I can't say we had to adapt *too* much. Back in 2010 when we started under the Beach Baby banner, all we did were local deliveries. We loved the personal time we got, touching base with our customers, hearing their feedback, and it gave us a great sense of community and purpose to hand deliver a product. 

Unfortunately this time around it's under more dire circumstances, and the porch drop-off-and-bolt-to-the-car to leave space for our customers to keep to the Social Distancing does not for a nice social opportunity make. Still, As my customers wave at me behind their screen doors, I'm certain that's a friendly smile underneath that N-95 strapped to their face.

Bottom line, is that we are happy to make sure everyone has what they need, be it a bar of soap or six. If you are out of bath bombs and you need a few minutes of solitude after attempting to home-school your toddlers or per-teens, we get it. 

Seriously, WE get it, because who are we kidding? Like you're getting the tub to yourself for 5 minutes, let alone 30, while your kids are griping under the door about the lack of their favourite treats, play dates, excursions and freedom.

Those entitled little s&$ts have no idea what we are going through, to make sure they are still fed, alive, healthy and functioning in a world lacking certainty and toilet paper. But I digress.

We are here. We have spoiled entitled teens instead of toddlers, so we can dedicate ample time to bring you what you need. Anytime. Please order, so we can get away from them.

Stay Smiling, Safe & Soapy      


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