New Year, Mindful Goals

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Resolutions. Isn't that the thing? To make resolutions then sigh in late January when you are elbow deep in leftover truffles (the gross white chocolate ones no one likes), a wine glass in one hand (whomever came up with 'Dry January' clearly didn't have teenagers), and your shiny new treadmill is the landing spot for the clothes that clearly shrunk in December?

Goals are great, as long as they are realistic and achievable. Sometimes smaller goals are better to hurdle over, than one big one that looks far fetched or vague, so that you set yourself up to fail. 

Want to lose weight? What is your biggest challenge? If you get zero exercise, make yourself take all the stairs in your office. Then work on 15 minutes of exercise. Then 30. Then go for that piece of equipment or gym membership.

Still eat like a college frat boy? Firstly, I’m jealous. But we know that won’t keep your ticker going for long, so start incorporating a fresh vegetable with each meal. Ditch the soda. Stick to only one day of take out a week. Indulge in one of those meal kits if your culinary skills don't extend beyond boxed mac & cheese. 

Small steps.

Businesses are no different. Small business require even more strategic mini goals. As the one who wears all the hats (and scarves and balaclavas), its easy to get lost in grand, dreamy goals January 1st (20 new products! A full fledged immersive blog by midsummer! A complete policy handbook, and encyclopedia of employee manuals by February!) Sure that all sounds nice, but as many of us also have home lives, and know...lives outside work, there’s only so much you can take on and not lose your mind.

Now add the mess that was 2020 into the mix which upended Artist shows, productivity and goals, children homeschooled, a toilet paper shortage, a province-wide lockdown for the first month of 2021, world wide shipping, supply and logistical issues, and you have a recipe for a mid month meltdown.

While we accept 2021 as a clean slate, full of hope and optimism, she also carries 2020's baggage with her, so  we must be kind to ourselves and to our expectations. Set intentions instead of targets. If you set yourself achievable mini goals along with your dream to take over Tesla, you will start off the year mindful of the world around you and your place in it, at least until it shifts again in February.

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