Fernstone Naturals

I live in Stayner, Ontario, a small town just outside of Barrie,  on a 5 acre farm.  There is a forest on my property with a stream running through it.  The birds visit my feeders and the chipmunks pick up the fallen seeds.  The bees pollinate my flowers.  The chirping, scurrying, and buzzing is my orchestra.  One day my life changed, someone very close to me got cancer.  Feeling helpless I started asking myself how can I help.  The answer for me was beeswax candles.  

Burning Beeswax candles releases negative ions into the air which subsequently purifies the air by getting rid of dust, allergens and mold spores.  Beeswax candles are the only candle that burn pure and clean. So you can burn a beeswax candle to set the mood for relaxation and peace but also be aware that the air you are breathing in is clean and free of toxins.