Real Treat Organic Handmade Cookies

A swoon-worthy, unapologetically delicious™ “real treat” of a cookie, made with premium certified organic ingredients. No consolation prizes, we promise.

Real Treat™ is based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. Here the crisp mountain air, clean glacial water, and stunning views make for a pretty fab spot to make just about anything.

So, why cookies? I love cookies. More than any other sweet treat, I love cookies, and have been making them since I could reach a counter-top standing on phone books. My belief that cookies are the perfect treat is unwavering. Cookies can satisfy a small craving for a treat on-the-go, or be made into a complete dessert experience. Cookies are perfect. Real Treat™ was founded out of this love for cookies and an equal devotion to flavorful food made with clean ingredients.