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Dirty Dog 100% Natural Artisan Soap

Beach Baby Bath & Body

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Dirty Dog 100% Natural Artisan Soap

This pooch & people biodegradable soap contains Neem oil which conditions the skin, gives your pooch a shiny coat, (and you vital nutrients to your hair and body!) Cedarwood, Lemon Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Lavender helps keeps all members of the family smelling clean and fresh!

This 100g bar will last many shampoos by the lake.

Wrapped with paper label & bio-film (eco-wrapping that can go into your compost and biodegrades in 18 months!)



Wet skin/fur. Rub bar over body, between hands, or onto sponge, luffa or wash cloth.  Wait--are we really directing you how to use a bar of soap?!? 


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