Where to Stay in Wasaga Beach Ontario Canada

Wasaga Beach is one of the most beautiful destinations for holidaymakers everywhere. It has a friendly feel, is welcoming, and there is so much to see and do. Deciding where to stay is tricky because there are many great areas to visit and lots of fantastic accommodations to choose from. There is the charm of the B&B, or you can choose a resort that’s a stone’s throw away from the local shopping district. It can be a difficult decision, especially if it’s your first time in Wasaga Beach. So, what accommodation options is there in Wasaga Beach, and which is right for you?

Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Wasaga Beach

There are no shortages of choice when it comes to accommodation in Wasaga Beach. However, there is nothing more personal – and intimate – than a bed and breakfast. Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) may not initially sound like the ideal choice for your stay in Wasaga Beach, however, these can provide a wonderful guest experience. There are luxurious and friendly B&Bs in Wasaga that will welcome you with open arms as well as give you space and time to yourself. Bed and Breakfast accommodation is different from many other types because they are usually smaller, cosier, and run by people who are passionate about their guests and their business.

Many will respect your need for privacy, as well as offer a shoulder when it’s needed. While a B&B might be smaller than a hotel, you can still get the same level of customer service and care. Remember, B&B owners want their establishment to stand out and strive to create a unique user experience. You can find many themed B&Bs, and owners are knowledgeable about the local area. Most have time to speak to you and share little tips about the best hotspots. It’s often friendlier and more informal and while it’s a totally different experience to a hotel, it can be just as nice.

Camping and RV Accommodation in Wasaga Beach

What do you imagine when you think of camping? You get flashbacks of your childhood when you camped out on uncomfortable sleeping mattresses and stumbled your way in the dark to the nearest toilet. Not to forget the cold. However, camping has come a long way since then. There are lots of forms of camping too, even luxury glamping. When you visit Wasaga Beach you can opt for the traditional form of camping or go all out with a rental RV. This is camping at its finest because you’re close to the outdoors with the comforts of home. So, it should suit most families, couples, and solo travellers.

RV and camping accommodations are some of the most cost-effective solutions you’ll find anywhere today. It also allows you to get back to nature and spend quality time with your friends or loved ones. Camping is great because you switch off from life. You can ditch technology and get back to nature; enjoying the breath-taking scenery and beauty Wasaga has to offer. Also, if you choose an RV, you can explore more sites and experience the great outdoors. You can meet new friends at campsites and share stories of your adventures. While it’s self-catering, you get to choose when you want to get up, have breakfast, and when you want to explore.

Cottages and Chalets Accommodation in Wasaga Beach

Getting away for a few days can be fantastic and a great way to de-stress. Unfortunately, it’s not everyone who wants to stay at a hotel or B&B. You might have fussy eaters within the group, or you just want to go at your own pace; that is where a cottage comes into play. Chalets and cottages are ideal accommodation choices in Wasaga Beach. You come and go as you please and you aren’t limited to having breakfast before a certain time. You can stay out late, lie in till eleven and cook breakfast at noon; other accommodations aren’t always as flexible.

Of course, cottages and chalets in Wasaga Beach are also ideal if you prefer the self-catering option. You can choose what you want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without having to stick to menu. What’s more, it could help save you money as you can eat-in. It’s a great option for single travellers, couples looking for a romantic getaway, families, and groups. You can even bring your beloved pets along and if you want to keep the children in a routine, chalets are ideal. While you mightn’t have thought too much about the self-catering options, they can work well.

Motel Accommodation in Wasaga Beach

You might not think too much about motels when visiting Wasaga Beach, however, they can be one of the more versatile accommodation solutions to consider. Motels are flexible, family-friendly, and can offer you a great night’s rest. They are also a great economical way to travel as motels tend to be far less expensive. Motels are ideal if you’re working on a tight budget or just want a convenient accommodation option. You get a great night’s rest and the flexibility you need too. Plus, motels are informal.

You can feel at ease while using the motel facilities and it’s all in a nice, relaxed setting too. Motels may not be your first choice; however, they are a valid contender when choosing accommodation in Wasaga Beach.

Hotels and Resort Accommodation in Wasaga Beach

Hotels create a warm, homely atmosphere. Resorts do the same. You can be made to feel welcomed with a hotel or resort, not to mention, you feel at ease. Hotels want you to have a great guest experience and they do what they can to accommodate you. That means you have all the comforts you need and want. Hotels and resorts are more conveniently located than most other accommodation options; and have lots of onsite facilities to enjoy. You can enjoy the atmosphere and meet new people in a welcoming, friendly environment. If you need assistance during your stay, you only need to pop or call down to the front desk.

Endless Options

Wasaga Beach is a destination that will take your breath away and there are many great types of accommodation to choose from. Whether you stay in a hotel, motel, B&B, or go camping, you are sure to enjoy your stay. What’s more, you can be conveniently located near the beach so that you wake to the most gorgeous scenery every day. You can embrace yourself in the local culture and just enjoy spending a few days away in Wasaga Beach.

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